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Jugar Special Summer Raffle

€140 millones

La fecha del próximo sorteo:

£ 60.00 por linea

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¿Por qué debes jugar Special Summer Raffle online?

Te darémos 5 buenas razones:


A massive total jackpot of €140 million


A full 35% of tickets guaranteed to win prizes


A total of 10 jackpot prizes and  378,000 individual prizes to be won


An amazing 1 in 3 chance of winning a prize


A chance to play on the first Saturday of every July

¡Haz tu jugada para obtener ganacias multimilionarias, y compra los décimos de Special Summer Raffle hoy!

Escoge tus entradas de lotería Special Summer Raffle

1. Choose your preferred 5-digit number/s from the raffle tickets available.

2. Choose the number of shares (décimos) you would like to purchase in each raffle ticket.

Life-changing lottery payouts

Sun, sand and surf is what summer is generally known for - with the exception of Spain, where it’s just as famous for huge lottery winnings too! That’s thanks to the Sorteo Extraordinario de Vacaciones, a sizzling online raffle with a combined jackpot total of €140 million and a 1 in 3 chance of winning a prize. So if you want red-hot winning action, you know exactly where to find it - at Giant Lottos on the first Saturday of every July!  

Not your ordinary raffle

You might have entered a school or work raffle before. You might have even won a fruit basket or a bottle of wine. But you’ve never entered a raffle like this - because, with a prize pool of up to €140 million and an amazing 1 in 3 chance of winning a prize, every Sorteo Extraordinario de Vacaciones ticket you purchase could be your ticket to a life of unbelievable extravagance!

Share in the wealth

The Sorteo Extraordinario de Vacaciones is all about sharing - claiming your piece of the multi-million pie. That’s why instead of purchasing a ticket outright, you choose a ticket with a particular pre-populated 5-digit combination, and then purchase up to 10 shares (or décimos) in that ticket. Should your ticket’s lucky number come up, you’ll be paid out according to the number of décimos you’ve purchased, giving you a fabulous share of the raffle wealth. And of course, if you purchase all 10 shares, known as a billete, you’ll be paid the full value of the prize. One word: Olé!

Good news travels fast

Missed the Sorteo Extraordinario de Vacaciones draw? Don’t worry! As soon as the results are confirmed, you’ll receive a notification email in your inbox, and any winnings you’re owed will be paid directly into your account. And if you’ve hit the big one, your dedicated account manager will be on the phone to deliver the good news personally - so whatever you do, don’t let that multi-million call go to voicemail!